The Laziness Ends

Trek 4100You’re looking at my latest purchase. A Trek 4100 Mountain Bike. I’ve been trying to get myself to start running several times a week, but it just wasn’t happening. This bike will be the cure for my laziness.

Mo and I went out to the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail and rode 11 or 12 miles. What a great workout! I’m dreading how my legs and back will feel tomorrow. The trail was flat, paved, and peaceful. I was actually suprised at how many people were out on the trail, but it is a gorgeous day out. We’ll have to find some trails through the woods, because those are always fun.

I also bought a little bag to hold my keys, cell phone, and wallet. Now I need a odometer/speedometer and a car rack. With the wheel off I can fit the bike in my backseat, but the truck is out of the question since my rear seat doesn’t fold down. It would be so much more convenient to load up a few bikes instead of having to take seperate vehicles like we did today.

I’m excited, but then again, I’m always excited when I make a big purchase. 😀

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