The Subconscious

Daydreaming, deja vu (glitch in the Matrix), and dreams. Each deals with “the part of the mind below the level of conscious perception” (, otherwise referred to as the subconscious. Where do they come from? Can we control when and where they happen? Why do they happen? What do they mean? These are all questions I’ve asked myself at one time or another.

I’m a firm believer in what I like to call the hidden part of our minds. I don’t think we have much control over what goes on here though. I do, however, think that the subconscious is influenced by what we think about in our conscious mind, the things we experience on a day to day basis, and the people we interact with. So, in that regard, we do have a bit of control. This is why dreams seem so real when they are happening and sometimes even after we wake up. Why do they seem so real? I’ve come to think that it’s because a dream is a modified form of our own reality. More specifically, dreams are usually a perception of what our conscious mind wants to become a reality. Think of it as a plan for the future or something we want to happen. Now don’t get me wrong, some dreams our only figments of our imagination, like an author writing a novel. I’m referring to dreams involving the people and places we know. I’m also referring to dreams in terms of sleeping, not a goal or something that we long to achieve.

Have you ever woke up from a dream, remembering all it, and thought to yourself, “that was just on my mind yesterday.” It may have been on your mind recently, but the dream always seems to have all of the gaps filled in, making it a complete story, unlike the scattered series of thoughts. The subconscious filled in these gaps, with influence from those scattered thoughts. Why? Because our hidden mind is a reflection of what we desire the most. It’s our job to take these dreams and attempt to turn them into a reality. I’ve frequently used my dreams to help explain things that have otherwise been mysteries in my life.

Deja vu on the other hand has two forms from my experience. The first is when something is happening and in the back of our mind we think that the exact same thing has happened before. The second form is just the opposite. We think about something happening and it seems so real that it’s happened recently and then all of the sudden it does happen. This second form is pretty spooky if you ask me. For a few seconds it’s almost as if we can predict the future. Predicting the future is something that I don’t believe in at all, so that’s why it’s so spooky for me. My explanation for deja vu is that the subconscious gets lucky in the thoughts it is pumping into our mind.

I’ve left daydreaming for the end because it’s the least significant and has the least to do with the subconscious. For the most part, daydreaming happens when we allow our mind to take over, zoning out everything else around us. I believe that our hidden mind is responsible for the focus and concentration that it takes to drift off into that daydream state. Most of the time (in my experience anyway), daydreaming is nothing more than deep thinking that takes over.

My mind is getting tired just thinking about all of this. Or is it my subconscious taking over? We’ll never know for sure I guess…

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