Electric Toothbrush Shelf

With the counter of our new vanity not extending to the wall where the outlet is, we wanted a dedicated spot for our electric toothbrushes. I outlined the base of one charger and then made a rough model with cardboard and hot glue.

After a successful test fit with the brushes, I moved over to wood and used all scraps since it was getting painted.

It was a simple build, a lot of fun, and definitely a functional one.

Xylitol Helps With Tooth Decay

Ever heard of Xylitol? It’s a natural sweetener which has shown very promising results in the area of tooth decay. Xylitol helps to prevent tooth decay and has even been shown to reverse some decay. I learned about it at my dentist’s office the past two times I’ve had my teeth cleaned, but finally got around to looking it up the other day. For more info check out Xylitol.Org.

Yesterday I ordered a couple of products made by Xlear Inc. in their Spry Dental Defense System. I went with the toothpaste and a sampler pack of the chewing gum. It’s recommended that several small exposures to Xylitol per day work the best so I figured those two purchases would do the trick.

Xylitol is showing so much promise it is being used by some of the more recognizable companies. Yesterday at Walmart I picked up a pack of Trident gum with Xylitol and it tastes great.

With the problems I’ve had with my teeth I figured I might as well start doing what I can. I also ordered an Oral-B Triumph 9450 toothbrush to replace the cheap battery powered ones I’ve been using.