The Playbook

Netflix’s five episode season 1 of The Playbook is good. Each episode is 30-35 minutes with a coach talking about their “Rules for Life.” All of the coaches were very different, as were their rules. By the end, I realized they shared a common and very important skill, which is understanding and working with people. It’s not an easy skill to excel at and these coaches are doing it at the highest levels of sport, with some of the best to play their games.

Add it to your list and watch.

Titus on College Basketball

I was bummed when ESPN shut down Grandland. Mostly for one reason. Mark Titus’s coverage of college basketball. Luckily he moved over to Ringer.

It’s no secret Mark isn’t a fan of Duke, my favorite team, but that doesn’t actually put him in a minority in America. The thing that sets him apart is he’s able to appreciate and respect the talent and the program, while poking at the team in a fun way. I really enjoy his writing.

There’s a high-profile white guy whom everyone in America hates. There are freshmen bound to be future lottery picks, and seniors who are labeled as unheralded despite being former McDonald’s All Americans. There have been a ton of injuries about which Duke refuses to disclose the details, as though the status of Harry Giles’s knees is akin to the goddamn nuclear codes or something. There are charges being taken, managers holding up towels to block television cameras from peeking into the team huddle, and Coach K’s repeated refusals to do halftime interviews as he single-handedly keeps the hair dye industry afloat.
This Duke Season Has It All