Full Double Rainbow


I looked out the window to see this special treat tonight.

  • I’ve don’t remember ever seeing a rainbow so bright.
  • I can’t remember the last time I saw a full rainbow stretch across the sky.
  • Wait… a second full rainbow.




Photo Challenge: Silence

When I see an animal track in the snow I often think back about 20 years to rabbit hunts with my Dad. When you’re in the middle of the woods during winter, you don’t hear a thing. Or at least that’s how it is in Northern Michigan. Sound doesn’t travel because the trees are covered in snow. It’s the purest silence I’ve ever experienced. Maybe the most peaceful bit of nature too.

Planet Earth II

Ten years after the original, the BBC produced a sequel to their nature series Planet Earth. While the first series was 11 episodes, this second iteration only has 6, but it’s still phenomenal. We live on an amazing planet. In the United States you can watch Planet Earth II on the Discovery Channel.

Some of the moments that left me in awe:

  • Penguins being able to find their family and distinguish the call of their mate in a group of over 1 million others.
  • Ibex effortlessly moving up and down steep mountain terrain.
  • Big cats like the snow leopard and jaguar.
  • The plague of locusts.
  • Stallions fighting.
  • A fox diving in the snow.
  • Langur monkeys running and jumping across rooftops.
  • Feeding the hyenas.
  • Singapore.

Throughout the series I kept wondering how much work went into catching some of the scenes. Thankfully they produced a bonus “Making Of”episode as well, which shows off some of the camera equipment and the challenges faced by the camera crews.