Bear KompleX Black Diamond 3 Hole Grips

These grips are money for pull-ups and toes to bars! I’ve used a bunch of different grips over the years and these are the best by far. I didn’t care for them when doing bar muscle-ups though, because they grip so well and I prefer something that can slide around the bar more. I’m really liking the bigger size XL after using larges in a couple of other Bear KompleX styles.

After a few weeks I still haven’t needed to use chalk on these grips.


​​The start of men’s event 5 of the 2017 CrossFit Games Central Regional at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.


The United States Gymnastics team dominated (again) at the Rio Olympics. The team called themselves the “Final 5” since it was Martha Karolyi’s last team. Much of the success of US Gymnastics can be attributed to Martha and her husband Bela. It’s actually an incredible story how they started in Romania and defected to America, where they built a dynasty. Take an hour to watch the documentary by NBC.