I’m Not in the CrossFit Open

The first workout of the 2018 CrossFit Games Open will be announced tonight. I’ve competed in every open since 2012, until this year. After the gym changed ownership last year, the CrossFit affiliation wasn’t renewed (which I have no issue with), so it’s a bit of a hurdle to compete in the open. I’d either have to record a video of every workout (following specifications that are a pain in the ass) or travel to a CrossFit affiliate in the area. I don’t care to do either.

Last year was the first year I allowed myself to redo the workouts and try to improve my scores. The fatigue built up and I paid for it with that bad back tweak a few reps into my 2nd attempt of the 4th workout. Over the last year I’ve had to do a lot of scaling in the gym and haven’t lifted very heavy. For the last few months I’ve been focusing on rehabbing my back, which seems to be helping, but I don’t want a setback at this point.

I’ve realized there is no reason to take it all so seriously. I’m not going on to Regionals or even the Masters online qualifiers. How well I perform in a workout isn’t going to change anything about my life. I do CrossFit for my health, for the challenge, and to feel good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m working to get back to the big lifts, but if I don’t get there it’s ok.

I’ll still do the Open workouts this year and if I have to scale something, so be it. Without getting so serious and putting any extra pressure on myself I’ll probably enjoy it a lot more too.

Canadian Skill Testing Requirement

For the first time, there was an official fantasy competition for the CrossFit Games, from Reebok. If anyone correctly picked the top 10 men, top 10 women, and top 5 teams, they could have won $1,000,000! Pretty safe bet on Reebok’s part.

While looking through the rules, this seemed odd…

Any potential winner who is a resident of Canada will be required to correctly answer, without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question administered online or offline in order to be awarded a prize.

Curiosity got me. They have a law in Canada, requiring skill testing questions for this type of thing.

2016 CrossFit Games Open Results

My 5th CrossFit Open is in the books. It didn’t go how I hoped it would, but not bad overall. Slight drop for 2016 after breaking into the top 10% last year. A shoulder injury limited me to singles on the chest-to-bar pull-ups in 16.1 as well as the bar muscle-ups in 16.3, otherwise my ranking may have been pretty close to last year.

  1. 2016 – 19,127th out of 166,846* (top 11.5%)
  2. 2015 – 13,195th out of 141,884 (9.3%)
  3. 2014 – 13,737th out of 80,281 (17.1%)
  4. 2013 – 9,251st out of 46,227 (20%)
  5. 2012 – 16,389th out of 22,174 (73.9%)

With Dave Castro mentioning they might introduce a 35-39 Masters division next year, it’s neat to see how I would compare. Far far away from the top 200 that get to compete in the Masters Qualifier after the Open, but I’ll take top 6.5% (1,981st out of 30,327).


*Each year I compare my place to the number of men who complete at least one workout, not everyone that signs up (178k+ this year). I don’t care about beating the guys who don’t show up to play. 🙂