Google Search

Google Adsense came out with a new feature called WebSearch today. You can now search the web or my entire site from the sidebar. Try it out for yourself…it’s pretty sweet. I’ve wanted a search feature for my site (instead of just the weblog search available through WP) for quite some time and this is perfect.

I even have the option to customize the search results page, but haven’t done that yet. Right now I’m just happy to have such an awesome feature on my site. I love Google!

What do you think…is there too much Google on my site?

Luck The Fakers

I heard it would be a sweep by the Lakers. I heard it would be Lakers in 5, 6, or 7. I never heard once that it would be the Pistons winning the NBA Championship. I believed in Detroit and they came through. It was the Pistons who had the sweep, if it weren’t for a miracle shot by Kobe to put game 2 into overtime, which the Lakers ended up winning.

Everyone said the Pistons couldn’t score enough points to keep up with the Lakers, but it was the Pistons who scored 100 points tonight in a blowout to end the series. It was the Lakers who couldn’t score enough points in the series to keep up.

Larry Brown is an amazing coach and his game plans to stop the Lakers worked to a T. Defense wins championships and this team was a defensive team if there ever was one. It may have been the most dominating performance ever in the NBA Finals.

The 2004 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons

Gmail Giveaway

I’ve been given 3 more Gmail invites so I’ve decided to have a contest.

Take a picture that somehow involves an animal or animals. Creativity is a must! Hint: I hate cats, so don’t use them! You may enter as many photos as you want, but are only allowed to win one Gmail invite. I’ll pick what I think are the best 3 2 photos. Only original contributions will be accepted (no copying from somewhere on the Internet). Please do not send me scanned copies of photographs either. I prefer the photos to be taken with a digital camera, but if you really want to use film, have the photos converted to a digital format when you get them developed.

I will showcase all of the entries in the photos section of my site (which will be converted to Pictorialis II in the next few days).

Email your submissions to mtdewvirus [AT] gmail [DOT] com with a subject of Gmail Giveaway. Make sure to include your full name (I need it for the invite) and a website if you have one. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

The deadline to submit photos is Sunday June 20th at 12:00 PM Eastern.

Good Luck!!

Update (6/15/2004 6:10 PM): I’ve decided to give out one of the invites to the person that can break this code first. Follow the instructions above for sending me the answer.


Photo Gallery Manangement

I’ve been struggling to find something to use for the photos section of the site and may have finally found it. iPAP/SPAM is what I’m currently using, but a lot of the features I need/want are not implemented yet. Since it’s a one-man show, I don’t know when those features will be implemented. On the other hand, Mark has been working on a fork of WordPress to use strictly for photos. The latest version, called Pictorialis II: Framed looks awesome! Since it’s based on WP, I won’t have to learn much new code either. Check out the demo for yourself.