Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King

The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition)I just got back from seeing “The Return of the King” a bit ago. It was a great movie, but a bit too long. It was about 3 and a half hours long, which should have been shortened. For the last half hour they kept fading away in scenes and everyone kept getting up, but then another scene started. They could have easily made this movie about 3 hours long like the first two and people would have been happy.

That being said…I really enjoyed the movie and I think I need to read the series of books again sometime soon. I really liked the adaption from the books to the movie. They changed a few things that I noticed in the story, but overall the three movies truly are a masterpiece! If you haven’t seen any of them…schedule a day where you have nothing else and watch the first two (extended edition) DVDs and then go see the 3rd movie. I’m not going to give any details on the movie because I don’t want to give it away for anyone who hasn’t seen them.

A few things I have to mention…Today I realized two things about the movie theater:

1) For some reason people think they can show up to a highly anticipated movie a few minutes before it starts and then actually find a good seat. Are they for real? We showed up a half hour early and still didn’t get the greatest seats.

2) How come during a movie you can notice someone walking out to get food or for the bathroom or you notice them coming back in, but you never see them go out and come back in? I guess I really pay attention to a movie. Does anyone else do this?

Pet Peeves

Actually more of a list of what bothers me…

  1. Nextels…beep beep this!
  2. Slow drivers
  3. Answering the same question over and over again
  4. Snow
  5. When someone borrows something and doesn’t return it in the same condition or a reasonable amount of time
  6. Being underpaid
  7. People that come to America to live and can’t speak our language
  8. Long lines
  9. Rebates instead of a simple sale price
  10. Slow golfers
  11. People that like to make a scene in public for attention
  12. Waitresses that are not timely or don’t come back to check on my table
  13. Taxes
  14. Bringing babies to a restaurant
  15. Talking during a movie
  16. When people interrupt me
  17. When people jump in on a conversation
  18. People that think swear words are such a bad thing….they are only words!
  19. John Madden
  20. Bill Walton
  21. Cable TV prices
  22. When people bug me (anywhere I go) because their computer doesn’t work
  23. When people say “often” and pronounce the T
  24. When people say “Illinois” and pronounce the S
  25. Survivor
  26. American Idol
  27. When people ask me questions about a movie during the movie
  28. Bikers that ride on the street Now that I bike all the time, I realize the other side of the issue!
  29. Country music
  30. People looking over my shoulder
  31. Being unprepared
  32. Being unorganized
  33. When a toilet paper roll is put on the holder so that the paper doesn’t come over the top
  34. Diet pop
  35. Handicap parking spots

That’s enough for now. What bothers YOU?

Only A Handful

We only had 5 guys tonight and the other team had 8, but we won easily. I think we ended up winning 42-28 or something close to that. At the end of the game we were moving pretty slow.

It was the team chemistry that really made the difference tonight. Almost all of our shots were wide open (a lot of layups) and we played good defense. We kept passing the ball until someone either got a layup or a good look from inside of 10 feet. Even I didn’t hoist up too many threes, which is hard to believe. I think I had about 12 points for the game.

Now that we finally won a game (we’re 1-2), we get 2 weeks off for the holidays before the next one. Maybe I’ll get into a routine of running a few times a week like I’ve wanted to. Or maybe not.

Home Poker Tournament Rules

I’ve run a few home poker tournaments (playing no-limit Texas Hold’em) and they’ve went quite well. I figured someone else could benefit from the rules and setup that I use. My rules/setup is a compilation from various things I found on forums, newsgroups, and websites.

I’m posting this as a guide so that people don’t have to go through all the work that I had to when I wanted to setup tournaments. It’s meant as a simple starting point, change it to fit your situation.

Shuffle Up and Deal!


  • No Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Buy-In: $20
  • Payout:
    • 1st – 60%, 2nd – 40% (4-6 players)
    • 1st – 50%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 20% (7-8 players)


Players $10 $20 $50 $200 Total
4 45 30 25 11 $4,500
5 40 30 20 10 $4,000
6 30 25 16 8 $3,200
7 28 21 14 7 $2,800
8 24 18 12 6 $2,400


  • Seating will be determined by drawing cards (A-8 are used for 8 players).

    The A will be the button (first to deal), deuce will be small blind

    (SB), 3 is big blind (BB), etc.


  • The two players to the left of the dealer are required to post “blind”

    bets before seeing their cards. The 1st is the SB and the 2nd is the


  • If the SB is knocked out, the button essentially goes into his empty


  • If the BB is knocked out, then the BB moves on to the player who

    would have had it next and there isn’t a SB on this hand (SB

    moves into the empty seat). On the following hand, the button would

    wind up in the empty seat. The player who just had the BB would have

    SB, and the BB moves on normally to the next player.

  • When play is down to two players, figure out who would get the BB

    next if nothing had happened. He will be the BB on the next hand.

    The SB is always on the button and the other player is the BB.


  • The player to the right of the dealer must cut the deck before the

    cards are dealt.

  • The dealer is responsible for making sure that all bets have been

    called before dealing each round of card(s).

  • Order of the deal:
    1. Dealer deals two cards (one at a time) face down

      to each player.

    2. Betting round 1 occurs.
    3. Dealer burns one card and

      deals 3 cards (flop) in the middle of the table face up.

    4. Betting round 2 occurs.
    5. Dealer burns one card and deals one card (turn/4th street) in the middle.
    6. Betting round 3 occurs.
    7. Dealer burns one card and deals the final card (river/5th street).
    8. Betting round 4 occurs.
  • Mucked cards cannot be retrieved from the pile.
  • If a card is exposed during the deal, the deal is declared a misdeal

    and the hand is re-dealt. The button does not move.

  • If a burn card or a mucked card is exposed, the card is made available

    to the table. The hand is not re-dealt.

  • If a community card is exposed prior to the action being completed,

    the card remains as is. It will not be burned.

  • If there was a bet or raise on the end, the person who made that last

    bet or raise shows his/her cards first. If it’s checked around, the first

    person to act (left of dealer) shows first.

  • If a player is shown a better hand, he is not required to reveal

    his cards.


  • Check and raise is allowed.
  • The minimum bet is equal to the size of the BB.
  • The raise must always be at least the size of the previous bet or


  • Any player can bet all of their chips at anytime (ALL-IN).
  • Betting round 1 begins with the player to the left of the BB.
  • Betting rounds 2-4 begin with the player to the left of the button.
  • When only two players are left sitting at the table, the BB is dealt

    to first, the button acts first before the flop, and the BB acts first

    after the flop.

  • Do not splash the pot. Stack your bets in front of you and push them

    into the post after the betting round is complete. This will eliminate

    some confusion that may occur with no limit betting.

  • Do not bet, check, call, fold, or raise out of turn.





20 minutes $10 $20
20 minutes $20 $40
20 minutes $30 $60
20 minutes $40 $80
20 minutes $60 $120
20 minutes $100 $200
20 minutes $200 $400
20 minutes $300 $600
20 minutes $400 $800


  • Agreements can be made between players at anytime to split the payout.
  • If two players tie for the high hand, the pot is split. If there

    is a split pot, not equally divisible by the number of players in

    the hand, the “extra” chips will be awarded to the player

    closest to the left of the button.

  • If two players get eliminated in the same hand, the person who started

    the hand with the most chips gets the higher finish and awarded the

    corresponding prize pool for that placement.

What Next?

When I started redesigning the site a little over a month ago, I had a plan (which changed several times) mapped out. That plan has now been completed and I have the basic pages up and running that I wanted to. So now what?

For the past week or so I’ve basically only been tweaking a few things here and there. I haven’t really added any new pages. I don’t know what to do next. I’ve jotted down a few things lately that I want to work on. They are:

  • meta tags
  • “head” content of pages
  • XHTML validation
  • some photoblog hacks

I’m still not quite sure if I like the background for my pages. I just changed it again today…we’ll see how long I keep it. Maybe I’ll never find something that I really like.

Another problem I’m facing is how to get people interacting with my site and coming back on a regular basis. My goal is to get people that I do not know reading my weblog and responding to the things I write about, which is not happening so far. I’ve joined a few webrings and attempted to find a few weblogs that interest me. I’ve found 2 weblogs so far (besides Hamoudy of course) that I frequent. The Digital Pimpress is a blog I read daily and Photo Matt is one that I check a few times a week. Both individuals are very intelligent and their blogs keep me interested.

Missing From Google

Lately my site has been appearing and disappearing from Google, so I decided to try and find out why.

Instead of trying to put the answer in my own words, I’ll just give a link to it. Go over here.

Steve And Barry's

Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear is my new favorite store! On the way back up from the game, we stopped at Great Lakes Crossing because I had heard about this store while listening to WIOG.

EVERYTHING in the store was $8.98 or less! I bought a Michigan long sleeve T, a Tennessee long sleeve T, Duke T, shirt for work, Michigan hooded sweathshirt, and a small duffle bag. My bill came to about $52! What a bargain!

I also picked up a sweet x-mas gift for Mo at another store, so I didn’t only splurge on myself.

A Piece Of History

Yesterday, my dad, brother, and I were a part of basketball history. We attended the BasketBowl at Ford Field, where Michigan State lost to Kentucky 79-74, in front of 78,129 people; the largest crowd in basketball history (at any level of play).

I bought the tickets as Christmas gifts to them and we had a good time. It was really something special to be a part of…we can now say that we were part of a world record crowd! You can see all of the pictures I took here.

Another Loss

We had our 2nd game for Basketball league tonight. We lost 54-51. I think I had 15 or maybe 17 points. We were down by 10 with under 3 minutes and made a nice little come back. I hit 2 three pointers in the last minute to pull within one and then fouled (they made both free throws), but we didn’t get a good shot off at the end of the game. We only had 6 guys, so I sat out less than a minute for the entire 40 minute game. I’m whooped!!

One of the refs made the absolute worst call I’ve ever seen. We were on offense and Bob (one of our big guys) was down low with the ball and it got knocked loose. As he was going for the ball he got pushed and when he was falling out of bounds he threw the ball off the knees of a guy on their team. The ref that was under the hoop called a foul on them (which was the right call), but the other ref called a Technical Foul on Bob!! Everyone was like…”What the fuck?!?!” The ref says to us…”I saw how you threw it at him.” Now, am I missing something there? Refs can call fouls for the way a person tries to save the ball? What’s next? If a guy has an ugly shot, can he get a Technical? If my shoe isn’t tied, I get a T? I mean, come on. It doens’t even make any sense, does it?

Oh well, it’s just a game and it isn’t going to impact my life.

I had a nice enjoyable day of vacation today. Woke up around 11, screwed around with my computer and the website for awhile and started some laundry. I created a backup of the installation on my computer since I just reinstalled everything the other day. Now if something goes wrong it will be a whole lot faster to get back up and running. I finally made my way into the shower and then went Christmas shopping. I’m just about done with everything for the year, except for one or two more things. I hope everyone likes their gifts because I went all out this year. After shopping I watched the extended DVD of The Two Towers. The added scenes really added a lot to the movie, but holy shit is it a long movie now (roughtly 3 hours and 40 minutes). Worth watching though!

I’m going to the BasketBowl tomorrow at Ford Field. Michigan State and Kentucky are playing the largest basketball game (college, pro, etc.) in history (in terms of attendance). There are supposed to be over 75,000 people there. I’m taking my Dad and brother Isaac to the game as a Christmas gift and mom will be shopping while we are gone. I’ll have a lot of pictures to post when I get back.