Slogan Contest

I’ve decided to host a contest to see if anyone can help me come up with a catchy slogan for my website. It could have something to do with me, the site, the name “MtDewVirus”, or whatever. Use your imagination:!: I’ll choose the one I like the most. For the winner, I’ll treat you to lunch and for the losers other people who participate, a “Thank You For Participating” should suffice. If someone wins that I have no way to buy lunch for, we’ll have to come up with something. I’m open for suggestions on that.

A few rules:

  1. All slogans must be submitted by commenting on this post.
  2. Submit as many slogan ideas as you want.
  3. You must submit at least one slogan to be eligible.
  4. I can win my own contest if I come up with the best slogan.
  5. If I win, you do not have to buy me lunch, but can if you really want to. 😀


Update: New Site Slogan

It Begins Today

This post doesn’t really have any overall topic…so excuse the jumbled mess.

I said I was going to start getting in shape and it started today. Just got back from our basketball game for Saginaw Township. We won by about 5 points and are now 2-2 for the season. Everyone was pretty rusty from the holiday break, so we’re happy to pull out the win.

I’m typing on my new keyboard right now. I spilled juice on the old one a few days ago and last night it croaked on me. I didn’t feel like taking it apart, so I got a different one. It has a nice feel to the keys.

It was about 10 degrees today, but with the wind had to be close to below 0 for wind chill. Have I ever mentioned that I hate Michigan weather? I do have to say that I’m happy it held off for this long though. We’ve been pretty fortunate so far with the lack of snow and really cold days.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the lady in Ohio that “won” the 11-state lottery jackpot worth $162 million and the other lady who “lost” the winning ticket. It sounds like the woman who won has a bullet-proof story and I believe it. Hell, even if the other woman lost the ticket, it’s her own damn fault. If I found a winning lotto ticket, I’d be cashing it in ASAP!

The whole Pete Rose/Hall of Fame deal is starting back up again. I can’t put my opinion into better words than Rob Dibble’s article, “Pete Rose belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. ” It’s a good article and Dibble makes a lot of good points.

Laundry is washing, food is in the oven, and I’m going to go play some XBOX while I wait for my grub. I’m going to bed early tonight for a change. Staying up until 1:30 and then being at work for 8:00 doesn’t work too well.

The Future is Brighter

Things are starting to look better already for 2004. I got a call earlier today from a company asking if I was interested in a position, but it was a software support position. It would be similar to what I’m already doing and this is what I want to get away from. He said he was going to keep my resume and get in contact with me again if they have any programming positions become available. So things are on the up and up!

I also had a nice talk with my brother. I never knew how much he has looked up to me and modeled things after what I’ve done. Feeling pretty good about that and about our relationship getting stronger. I guess I’ve never really been the big brother that I could have.

All this and it’s only the 5th day of the year!

One For All

I made a large fix in my web design today. Some of the CSS wasn’t being displayed properly by the Mozilla browsers, but I think I have that fixed now. My layout div wouldn’t extend down to the bottom of my content. I came across the site Position Is Everything, contacted Big John who runs it, and after a few exchanged emails, he gave me exactly what I needed. Thanks John! I had to put a clear:both style just before the end of my layout div and that did the trick immediately. I hope to test my site though some other browsers to see that everything looks at I have intended it too.

If you use another type of browser and my site looks kinda goofy, send me a screenshot. I’d like to see it. I’ve tested the site out with IE 5.5, IE 6, Mozilla, and Avant so far (all on Windows). I hope to test Opera soon and maybe even some Mac browsers. Any input or criticism is welcome. I know that IE 4 and Netscape 4.x pretty much make my site look like garbage, but those are some really old browsers! Time to upgrade if you are using them!

Is Poker Exciting?

No, poker is not exciting. Go to a casino and I’ll bet all of my chips that most people can’t sit there and watch a poker table for two hours straight. But when it’s on TV we could watch it all day long. It’s exciting on TV. So what’s the difference? You can find poker on TV all the time now, but why?

Everyone can learn to play poker. We see the professionals on TV playing and we can actually play the same game at home, in a casino, in the break room at work, or anywhere we have a deck of cards. It’s different from watching football, basketball, auto-racing, and other sports because we can’t go and compete in these sports. Poker is the only game that I know of where anyone can enter the championship. I can take $10,000 to Las Vegas, buy a seat in the WSOP, and play against the top professionals in the world. I can’t walk into the Super Bowl and throw a touchdown pass.

The poker they show on TV is exciting because of the commentators and the drama. They only show us the big hands; the hands with a lot of betting and drama to them. It wouldn’t be very exciting if they showed the hands where everyone folded before the flop, leaving the player in the big blind to only win the small blind’s bet. It’s also exciting because there is so much at stake. You see pots for tens of thousands of dollars all the time, and it only gets higher as players are knocked out of the tournament. It’s exciting to watch someone make a gut call that could cost them thousands of dollars in prize money.

Over the past year, the number of poker shows has increased because of the demand. We want to watch poker played at a high level. We want to watch a “dead money” amateur like Chris Moneymaker win the WSOP.

WordPress 1.0 Platinum

On January 2nd, WordPress 1.0 Platinum was released. I had been waiting for the new version for several days after reading about some of the new features that were going to be included.

It took me a little bit longer than expected to get my weblog upgraded and running properly, but I really couldn’t ask for anything more from WordPress. The developers are working on their own time to create what has become a great web logging tool that is FREE! I ran into a few bugs while getting everything setup, but everyone in the WordPress Forums has been helpful beyond belief. I’ve even taken it upon myself to help other people out that have had some of the same problems I ran into.

The extra time it took me to get version 1.0 running was well worth it. The added features and funcionality are great. I just want to say thanks to everyone working on WordPress. Keep up the good work!

Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black PearlI watched Pirates of the Carribean last night. Great movie! I was apprehensive to go to the theaters and watch it, but I’m glad that my buddy Case bought the DVD for me as a Christmas gift.

The special effects, action, and story all meshed together well and the humor that was thrown into the movie was the right amount at the right times. Johnny Depp played the lead role of Captain Jack Sparrow better than anyone could have imagined. At parts he didn’t seem like a pirate, but he played the crazy, cracked out pirate perfectly. Orlando Bloom played the significant part of Jack Turner who would win the heart of Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley. What’s a good movie without a beautiful woman…right? Keira was really a happy surprise in the movie. I thought I recognized her, but after looking up her name, I’ve never seen her before. I think the part she played will get her a lot of big roles in the near future.

I don’t want to give away too much of the movie, so I’ll leave it like this.

Go out and rent this movie if you haven’t seen it.

American Wedding

American Wedding (Widescreen Extended Unrated Party Edition)Earlier tonight I watched American Wedding, which followed behind the first two American Pie movies. It was great and I’d definitely recommend it. I bought the unrated version of the DVD, but couldn’t tell you what was added because this was the first time I had seen the movie.

The bachelor party scene was pretty good…a lot of tits and ass. The chicks they use for the nudity scenes get better and better with each movie. There are plenty of scenes for a laugh and there was a good plot to the movie. I would have liked to see more of the girls in this one from the first two movies, since all the guys were back.

If you saw the first two movies, this is a must see. I wonder if they have a 4th movie planned.

Taking Out The Trash

I just spent about a half hour feeding photos, cards, letter, ticket stubs, etc. through my paper shredder. As I was unpacking things from my vacation up north I noticed a photo album and box of things in the back of my closet that had been saved from my last relationship. With 2004 upon us I was wondering why I still had them, so I decided to get rid of them. After 30 minutes of non-stop work, it’s amazing that the motor on my paper shredder isn’t smoking. I sure do feel good though.

I’ve never discussed this relationship with anyone, so you’re about to hear a side of the story which has never been told…

It all started back in my senior year of high school. I started dating a girl that was a junior and was being chased by several other guys at this same time. Hell, they even chased her after we became a couple. Everyone always would tell me that I was stupid to think that she wasn’t cheating on me with one of these other guys (or even several), but to this day I still believe that she wasn’t. At least not at the beginning.

We were together all the time and I do mean all the time. Too much really, after looking back on it. I became close to her family and really close to her mother. Too close! It was to the point where I didn’t spend much time at all with my family and wouldn’t listen to them for advice on the whole situation. I now wish I would have listened to a few things. Those early times during the first year were a lot of fun, but things changed a bit after I graduated and went off to college. For a short period of time I had even thought about skipping out my first year to be with her. It’s a good thing Mom talked me out of that idea!

Back to Poker

During the Thanksgiving holidays, I played poker with friends and family a couple of times a day. It really wore me out from playing. So I decided to take some time off. Up until this past week, I had only played online once in the last month. It was a much needed break.

When I was home for the holidays, I started to play online a little bit and have once again found my game. I came out ahead during every session that I played. I’m still playing the .25/.50 cent tables and hopefully will move up to .50/$1 in the next month. I was coming out ahead by over 10 big bets per hour. I was getting good cards, but for the first time since I’ve been playing, I really felt in the zone. I was reading people’s hole cards really well and making good poker decisions. The increase in my bankroll reinforces this fact.

I’m beginning to really hate flush draws. I never seem to get them, but when I’m up against someone else, they play it to the river and hit quite a bit. Or maybe I just remember the times that I do get beat with a flush that hits on the river. It not only happens to me online, but in home games too. I got beat by Dad 3 times on a flush that he hit on the river while at home. We had a few tournaments at family gatherings and he even beat me twice in one tournament with a river flush. We were all-in both times! I guess maybe I’m not a No-Limit player. I do prefer playing limit poker, which is exclusively what I play online.

For New Year’s, my Mom and Dad were heading up to St. Ignace to the casino and I was invited to go. I decided to turn them down and go out with a few friends instead. We had a good time, but after hearing how my dad won $160 playing Texas Hold’em, I wish I had gone. He knows poker, but hasn’t been a student of the game like I have. I know that I could have won a few hundred that night with all the fish throwing money around in celebration of the new year. There’s always next time!

In the game of life…play the cards you’re dealt.