WordPress Plugins

WordPress 1.2 is in final testing and the final release should be available sometime this week. There is a nice new plugin structure to replace the previous hacks functionality. As a result, I’ve ported some of my hacks over to plugins.

Everything has been moved over the to WordPress Plugin Repository. See my list of plugins.

I’d also like to welcome all of the new WP users that have migrated in the past few days due to Moveable Type changing their licensing.

Update: The Tabbed Sidebar instructions have been modified. I found a problem with the cookie code that is now fixed.

3 Replies to “WordPress Plugins”

  1. Send me an email with the file and I’ll take a look. I really haven’t modified the functionality of it since it was a hack for 1.0, just simply converted it into a plugin for 1.2+.


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