The Problem with Chiropractors

Whenever I tweak my back, people ask if I’m going to see a chiropractor. Nope.

I’ve tried several different ones, but they never fixed anything, so I stopped going a couple years ago. After previous back tweaks, getting “adjusted” in a chiro office for 5-10 minutes did make me feel better. Movement usually helps with that type of injury, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Thirty minutes after leaving the office it was like I hadn’t even been there; my back would be back to feeling exactly the same. Bouncing around on an exercise ball at home gave me the same relief.

Kind of fitting after tweaking my back last week, this video suggestion came up on YouTube…

I highly recommend you take the time to read the article Yvette (Joe’s guest in the video) wrote, titled Chiropractors are Bullshit.

Science says that if your back is ailing, get a massage and go to a physical therapist.

It’s probably time I go see a PT.

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