Love You Some You!

Last night, when Justin Thomas made the putt to win the match on 18, him and Tiger both yelled something to each other.

It was “I love me some me” and apparently it came from a video of Terrell Owens he had been watching.

I love it. I’ve never liked when I hear the words “humble brag” come out of someone’s mouth. When you’re successful at something, do something cool, or accomplish a dream be proud and let the world know. Life is too short. Maybe you got a promotion at work, hit a diet/fitness goal, earned a good grade in school, started a business, or hit a big lift at the gym. Tell your family and friends. Post on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog.





Those who care about you will join in your joy and you might inspire someone to start believing they too can accomplish something awesome. The haters will hate, but fuck them.

I’m certainly going to continue loving me some me!

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