My Travel Tips

I’ve been flying several times a year for a decade now. These are some of the things I’ve learned over the years to make travel easier.

If you have time, get in a little exercise in the morning.

Wear comfortable shoes and pants/shorts.

Find a packing routine that works for you. I like to pack in the 30 minutes before I leave the house. I have a friend who keeps a travel checklist. Everyone is different. Find your routine to take the stress out of it and always remember that if you forget something you can always go to the store.

Don’t travel with a large bag. I’ve been using a carry-on and a backpack for years. If your accommodations have laundry available, make use of it so you can pack even less.

Do not check your carry-on. It’s rare, but luggage gets lost or delayed and you don’t want to arrive without your stuff. On the way home I almost always let them check my bag if they offer, because it makes it easier to move though airports and I don’t care if my bag arrives a day late.

If you have an aisle seat, put down the window shade right away. It’ll keep the heat out and save your eyes from the bright light.

Wear sunglasses while moving through airports if it’s sunny out.

Drink water on the flights to fight dehydration.

If you have a long flight, like going to Europe where you arrive the next day, don’t sleep on the plane and don’t nap when your arrive. The best way to fight jet lag is to stay awake until 9-11pm local time on that arrival day.

Eat something during your layovers. Drink more water.

What are your favorite travel tips?

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