HackerBox #0020: Summer Camp

I managed not to look at any spoilers before HackerBox #0020 arrived, so I recorded a video when I opened it and talked through the items, trying to figure out what the theme was.


So, yep, it’s a badge inspired by the badges for Def Con (I had seen this story a week or two before, which HB shared as a hint on their Facebook page). Due to vacation, it was a couple of weeks before I was able to put this thing together. Hope you enjoy all of my mistakes in the assembly video. 🙂

There is a lot more to think about when recording what you’re doing and trying to keep talking throughout. I think it was an improvement over the video I did for the 5v relay module though. I really need to build a tripod or overhead mount of some kind so the GoPro is more stable. I may look into a newer GoPro as well with better battery life and a screen.

More details about the badge and demo code provided by HackerBoxes can be found on the Instructable page for this box. My customized demo code is in a hackerbox0020-demo repo on GitHub.

Update: I’ve updated my demo code to have examples of how to use the SD card that is on the back of the TFT.

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