Capital One Removed Amazon Gift Cards From Their Rewards

This is a bummer. The only thing I ever used my rewards for was the Amazon gift cards. For the last few years I’ve almost always had a balance on my Amazon account, making it easy to buy anything I wanted. I’ll have to look into getting gift cards for a store that sells Amazon gift cards. I will beat the system.

19 Replies to “Capital One Removed Amazon Gift Cards From Their Rewards”

  1. Were you able to find a retailer that sells Amazon gift cards? Planning to exchange gift cards on the rewards site at a retailer that sells Amazon cards. Thanks!


  2. The only reason I use CapitalOne is to get Amazon cards, Who in the world spends their rewards at Pro Bass Shop or Panera Bread? ok I have no interest in Capitalone any more.


  3. They told me 7/26/17 they are working out the Issue with Amazon over the stolen cards etc and should have them back in a couple weeks. Anyone else hear anything

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    1. Just got a letter from capital one today saying they “discovered an issue” with my amazon gift cards and will be sending an $1100 check to refund what appears to be every single amazon gift card purchased between Jan. 2016 – Jan. 2017. We have several cards that we suspected had been already-redeemed fraudulently, but had not yet contacted amazon or capital one about them, so I’m guessing this refund thing has to be going out to every other capital one customer too, and has got to be costing them a fortune. How much do you want to bet the “working out the issue” with Amazon, mentioned above, involved a lot of negotiation as to how much of this cost amazon would be on the hook for?…


      1. We got the same letter, except the amount of the check is going to be $375 and not the $775 value of the gift cards in my possession (even though Capital One’s letter said they were refunding the “full value”). When I called, they said the “problem” with the Amazon gift cards was that they were issued in the wrong amount and that I shouldn’t use them. Sounds fishy to me. Capital One issued them, and they were neither stolen nor fraudulent. They should allow them to be honored. I don’t want a refund.


        1. Update to my previous post: Apparently there WAS an issue of fraud with these cards during January and February. Some or all of the Amazon gift cards sent to me by Capital One have been redeemed fraudulently by another Amazon account, so I’ve been holding worthless cards. This doesn’t explain the difference in value between the cards and the check that Capital One wants to send me, but it’s a better explanation than I’ve gotten so far.


          1. Went back and checked my actual rewards redemptions with capital one, and apparently the amount they are planning to refund is well short of the amount of amazon cards I actually purchased during that time proud period. In any case the amount offered as a refund is more than the value of the actual cards we were unable to use, so I won’t argue.

            What this makes me think though, is that they know exactly which gift card numbers were stolen or at risk of having been stolen. I probably just lucked out with some of those cards, redeeming them on my own amazon account before the thief had a chance to use them.


          2. Yes, they sent a letter with some kind of explanation, and the check was sent maybe a month later. If you had issues with your gift cards and haven’t heard anything I would say try calling customer service to see if there’s anything they can do.


  4. They’ve resumed carrying Amazon cards again. Very good timing I hadn’t figured out what to spend my accumulated points on and was getting concerned I’d have to bite the bullet and switch to a different credit card.


  5. I had collected the Amazon cards from Capital one for years. Today I found out 7 out of 8 have been redeemed by someone else. Just got off the phone with Amazon they are poking into it. I am contacting Capital one next. Real nice to give these as presents and turn out to be no good!


  6. I’ve been waiting about 5 weeks for gift cards from Capital One……several of them are Amazon. Does it usually take this long to receive the cards?


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