Fidget Cube

Last summer I saw this “toy” on Kickstarter and thought it looked neat. When I’m out to dinner I tend to fidget with something. Usually it ends up being the paper wrap you take off the napkin and silverware. I also like to grab something lying around my desk to keep my hands busy when I’m on a work audio or video chat.

A month ago an ad on Facebook caught my eye, claiming something like 80% off. Sounded like a good deal, at just under $15 after shipping, so I placed an order without thinking twice. Turned out to be a bit of a mess and may actually be an imposter. The ad had said shipping within 24 hours, so after not receiving my item for a couple of weeks I went back to check things out.

The Facebook page associated with the company (I’m refuse to even link to it) selling this fidget cube was full of angry customers. Yikes! Not a day later, I finally got a shipping notification. It shipped directly from China, so I’m almost certain it’s a knockoff. It looks exactly like the one from the Kickstarter though and the construction feels pretty good. If you want to grab the original, head over to Antsy Labs.



So far so good. I pick it up all the time when I’m thinking about a problem, reading something on the interwebs, watching a video, or participating in a video chat.

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