Pi AD2 Accuracy

While developing Pi AD2, 90+% of the testing was done on my Mac. Over Thanksgiving I did use the actual Pi for a 10 minute workout on Dad’s Airdyne, but the UI, code, and formulas are all completely different now. It was unclear how well everything would work on the Pi’s hardware. After a longer 20 minute workout yesterday, I couldn’t ask for better accuracy.

When I finished the workout, the Airdyne showed 458 calories and 6.68 miles, while Pi AD2 showed 455 calories and 6.68 miles. That’s an accuracy of 99.3% for calories and 100% for distance! See for yourself…if you can even see the display. pi-ad2-accuracy.jpg

I did uncover some usability issues and determined I need to prioritize getting the production build to work. Having to wait for the development build to run can take a minute or more. I should also make the app launch on boot since I don’t use this Pi for anything else.

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