Goodbye Firefox

I’ve been a Firefox user for a long time, but it’s time to throw in the towel. The most common issue I run into is video playback not even starting, but overall the entire browser experience seems to be getting slower. I also run into development issues at work where team members uncover a Chrome bug, where Firefox works fine and as I’d expect it to. Yeah, I know, I should get better at testing. 😉 One recent example is the default behavior in Chrome is to allow a form to be submitted multiple times; double-click the submit button or even keep smashing it and Chrome will send as many requests until your page reloads. Am I the only one who thinks this behavior is really dumb? Firefox doesn’t do this.

The long holiday weekend seems like a good time to make the switch. I looked back to see the first time I mentioned FF on my blog. It was more than 12 years ago, where I mentioned testing in FF and IE6! Times have changed.

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