The Party We All Get to Crash

You can’t catch a pass from Peyton Manning in game 1 of the season. You can’t step up to the plate on opening day against Justin Verlander. A very small part of the human race will ever compete on those levels in most sports. In Crossfit, we can compete with the best athletes in the world once a year, for 5 weeks during the Open. Everyone does the exact same workout and we can see where we stack up on the worldwide leaderboard.

See, the Open is the party we all get to crash, no matter where we live in this world, no matter where we are on the sickness-wellness continuum. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beast or you’re brand new to the Sport of Fitness—you’re invited. There’s no VIP area and the bar is crowded as heck, but that’s good, because we all like it that way.

via The Party We All Get to Crash

Where will you rank?

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