House & Yard: Before & After

Last fall, a big house project began with the removal of nearly 40 trees and grinding of the stumps. This is what everything looked like before any work was done.

Come spring, my yard was a mess because there were holes everywhere from the stumps. Before getting started on the yard though, it was a perfect time to get vinyl siding on the house so the contractors wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the lawn or any plants. A delay on the arrival of building materials allowed my Dad and I to tear out the deck and front walk.

I ended up with a cracked window in my office before the work on the house even got started and then a spring on the garage door busted in the middle of the project. I put in a whole new garage door, springs, and track because what I had was really old. In the office I had the entire window replaced with two big double-hungs assembled as one unit.

Once the house was complete, I had a nightmare of a time with landscapers, but after several months they finally finished up yesterday.

  • Graded the entire yard so no water will run towards the house.
  • Buried all of the downspouts.
  • Patio and front walk made of brick pavers.
  • New plants, edging, and stone around the house.
  • A tricolor beech in the middle of the front and back yards, with a stone ring around each.

I really like how it all turned out and can’t wait until the grass grows! It’s a completely different house.

Here are some close-ups of the plants. When I took these, the stones were really dusty and dirty so they look lighter than they are.

My contractor will be stopping by later this week to finish up some siding work around the steps in both the front and the back, but that’s all that’s left to be done.

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