TV Upgrade

I’ve been using a 50″ Sony Grand WEGA LCD TV for over 9 years. It’s been a great TV and I didn’t have any problems with it until last November when the bulb finally blew out. My Mom keeps mentioning how they’ll wait for a TV upgrade of their own (they’re still using the hand-me-down I passed along when I got this Sony) until I was ready to get rid of mine. All you have to do is plant the idea in my head. 🙂

The old 50" Sony Grand WEGA
The old 50″ Sony Grand WEGA

Over the years, I had accumulated quite the tangled mess of cables behind the entertainment system. They may have been a family of beavers living in there at some point.

Mess of cables
Mess of cables

Breaking down your entire entertainment system and assembling a new TV stand on Saturday night of the Final Four isn’t the greatest idea. I watched the Michigan game like this, streaming on my laptop.


After setting everything up, I still have somewhat of a cabled mess, but it’s much more organized (right?).


By upgrading to the newer Apple TV and using HDMI for most of my connections, I was able to eliminate all of this stuff.

Out with the old

After being up late last night, I moved games, DVDs, controllers, and other stuff in this morning and finished everything up.

55" Hitachi Ultravision LED 1080p 120Hz 3D TV
55″ Hitachi Ultravision LED 1080p 120Hz 3D TV

I went with a 55 inch Hitachi (model LE55W806) from Sam’s Club and a TV stand from Target. I’m going to enjoy this!

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