WordPress Plugin: Comment Author URL Stripper

As promised, I’ve created a plugin which removes the URL from a comment author if it contains any of the words specified in the Options screen. Too many people have been leaving comments and putting in yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. as their web site and I got tired of editing those comments all of the time. Now I simply put a few words into the Options screen and the plugin automatically does the work for me.

Comment Author URL Stripper

Could I have chosen a longer name for the plugin?

I had thought about including an option to prevent any previous comments with the specified words from displaying their URL, but decided against it. I used the following in phpMyAdmin to quickly do the work…

UPDATE `wp_comments` SET `comment_author_url`='' WHERE `comment_author_url` like '%PUTWORDHERE%'

* If you’re using a different table prefix, make sure to change wp_comments to reflect it.

* Replace PUTWORDHERE with hotmail as an example.

16 Replies to “WordPress Plugin: Comment Author URL Stripper”

  1. Sounds good, but I’m surprised such a thing doesn’t already exist, like in Akismet?

    I dislike the amount of work you have to do to get WordPress usable, and as for the constant security upgrades ….


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