My First WordPress Meetup

On Wednesday, I attended the 2008 MacWorld WordPress Meetup at Chaat Cafe.

The first person I met was Andrew because I noticed a WordPress sticker on his laptop while we were in line ordering food. Shortly after we sat down, Matt walked in. I’ve been using WordPress since version 0.72 back in 2003, so it was nice to finally meet him. Marianne and Nicole were a couple of others I met and talked to for awhile. Everyone was great to meet and hang out with.

There were others I talked to and even more I didn’t get to meet. Since this was my first meetup I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun. I’m going to try and start a meetup back in Saginaw, MI when I get home.

I didn’t meet Lisa, but found her blog while doing a Google searches for other posts about the meetup. She has a few photos from the event posted. I’m in the blue shirt sitting down with my back to the camera in one of the photos.

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