Slow Down

After having some problems off the tee recently, things have turned around in the last week or so. I didn’t realize what I had changed until one of my league partners told me I looked more fluid and controlled in my swing. It turns out I was swinging nice and easy instead of trying to crush the ball. Guess what…I am hitting it just as far as if I was swinging out of my shoes and I’m a lot more consistent.

Over the weekend I hit some great tee shots when I stayed in control. As soon as I sprayed one off to the left or right I could feel my swing get quicker and I was snapping the wrists over the top or leaving the club face wide open. If I take a nice and easy swing with the driver I can still bomb it out there 280-300 yards or more. In fact, I put the ball on the green on a 272 yard par 4…with my 3 wood!

If you’re having problems with your swing and can’t seem to figure out the problem. Slow down. You’ll be amazed at the results most of the time.

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