To The Left

Somewhere in the past week or two I’ve started to hit everything off the tee to the left when I use a driver or fairway woods. Pulls, hooks, and duck hooks. It ain’t pretty. Ugly!

When I can’t hit decent drives, golf just isn’t fun and it gets awful frustrating having to make up for a shitty drive off the tee. It shouldn’t really be hard either; you get to place everything as you want, find your stance, and get the perfect lie on the tee box.

Yesterday in league on the front 9 at Twin Oaks I took a 10 on one hole after duck-hooking into a pond, then pulling a 3 wood into the heather and taking 3 shots to get out of that shit.

I’m going to have a long session at the driving range tonight with the driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood.

What really throws me off is I’m hitting my irons great. Last night I came the closest I’ve ever been to a hole-in-one, leaving it 6 inches to the back left of the pin. So close, but yet so far away. I also hit a 5 iron from 205 that rolled off the side of the green pin high.

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