I'm Losing 2 Teeth And Getting a Dental Implant

Doesn’t it sound like fun?

I finally hooked up with a local dentist after visiting the one in my hometown for years. I’ve been having some problems on tooth #19 (lower back left area) and the decay is so bad it would be a miracle to save the tooth. So I’ve decided to go with a dental implant instead of spending the money on a root canal and everything and then I might still need the dental implant in a couple of years.

For a dental implant, basically what they do is pull the tooth and then put a titanium screw in the jaw bone where the roots of the tooth were. It can take 8-10 months for the bone to grown in and around the threads of the screw to form a solid foundation. Once that’s ready, a titanium cap it put on the screw where a crown can then be attached. (Photos of dental implants and steps involved.)

I’m also getting tooth #15 taken out because it’s nonfunctional, meaning it doesn’t bite against another tooth. Because of my under bite, this tooth had previously worked with the lower left wisdom tooth, which was removed last year. As long as I’m going to an oral surgeon to work on the left side of my mouth, might as well get this one taken care of as well.

Here’s a lesson folks…don’t get hooked on pop like I did when I was younger. Even though I quit drinking pop a couple of years ago, I’m paying for it now with dental work!

6 Replies to “I'm Losing 2 Teeth And Getting a Dental Implant”

  1. Nick, could be genetic…I have horrible teeth and haven’t had a pop in two years. My dental specialist told me that some people just have bad teeth, just like some people just have certain diseases while there brother or sister don’t.

    Just a thought.


  2. How did the implant procedure go? I’ve been told that crowns can be ready for the implants in 3 months (sometimes more – or less – depending on healing). How are you doing?


  3. It went well. It’ll take about 4 months for the jaw bone to grow in around the implant. At that point they will open the gums back on and put on the cap, which takes another 3-4 weeks to heal. After that’s ready, my dentist can get the crown done.


  4. Obvious question, but i wanted to ask it. Having a metal screw implanted into your jaw bone must really hurt after. Was the pain bearable?


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