Warming Up

So far in 2007, Michigan has has an unusually warm spring. We’ve already had a couple of 70 degree days and set a few temperature records along the way. In the Saginaw area, our snow has been gone for weeks. It’s actually been a pretty slow week as far as rain is concerned for this time of year.

Why does all of this matter? Because the golf courses have had some time to dry out and are in pretty decent shape for the end of March. In fact, I’d say they’re in excellent shape for March. I can say this because I’ve only golfed in March once before. It was last year on March 31st and we had to drive all the way down to Indiana to do it.

Last week on Sunday and Monday, March 25th and 26th, I played 18 and 9. Sunday was a extremely soggy, but Monday was much better. I ended up shooting 41, 44, and 45. Yesterday I went out and played another 18 holes. I started with only 9, but after shooting a 39, I thought I was up for another 9 and a shot at breaking 80 for the first time in my life. Ended up with a 46 for a total of 85. Still nothing to complain about though, because I was golfing in March. The previous earliest I had played a round in Michigan was April 5th of 2005.

I’m thrilled with how my game has been this past week, but I’ve been quite a bit more prepared than any other year. Back in February I made a trip out to Phoenix, Arizona to take a training class for works. My golf clubs made the trip as well and I played 94 holes of golf that week. It was 70-75 degrees almost every day and I loved every minute of it. After class I’d head straight for one of the local city courses and jump right on the course. $30 for endless golf and a cart. Can’t beat that rate during their peak golf season.

The courses were nearly empty as the sun went down. You’d never find that in Michigan during peak golf season. You’ll have people going out to play 9 an hour and a half before dark starts with a packed course and no chance of finishing. In Phoenix I was able to fly through 18 holes in 2 hours, even with people slowing me down on a few holes before allowing me to play through.

In preparation for the trip I had hit my clubs once at the local golf dome. Somehow, it was enough to get me by. My first 9 holes of the trip wasn’t pretty and I shot a 56, but the rest of my scores were very respectable at 41, 45, 41, 46, 47, 47, 49, 45, 41. I’ve had the golf itch ever since I came back to Michigan and have made it a priority to hit once a weekend either at the golf dome or another local range which has heated tee boxes. I think it’s really going to help my game as the spring and summer progress.

A couple of my goals for this golf season are:

  • Keep my 9 hole scores starting with a 3 or 4. I don’t want to reach the half-century mark again this year.
  • Break 80.
  • Get a hole in one. (When isn’t this a goal for a golfer?)
  • Break 40 more consistently.
  • Keep a slower controlled swing.
  • Talk Dad into making a trip to Ireland.

So there you have it. I’m back and excited about golf again. I never meant this blog to be on any type of posting schedule, but I guarantee you’ll see more action around here than you have in the past five or six months.

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