Poker Chip Tricks Site Has Been Sold

Any regular visitors to Poker Chip Tricks probably noticed some changes that started over a month ago. Recently those changes became even more apparent as all of the Google ads were completely removed and other cosmetic changes were made.

Why all of the changes?

I’ve sold the site and no longer own any of the domains or content. I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse and felt the time was right to get rid of the site. I’ve agreed not to come out and say exactly who bought it, but I’m very confident they’ll do a great job with the site. In the end, I think both parties received a great deal. The whole deal ended up taking nearly 4 months, which was about 2 months too long due to the lawyers battling back and forth. I learned a lot during the process and will be ready if I’m lucky enough to sell another site in the future.

I want to thank everyone who linked to at one time or another, which helped me get the site all the way to #1 on Google when searching for “poker chip tricks” and in the top 10 for “poker chips.”

If you’d like to help with my next site, you can link to with the words “Card Tricks” as the link text. I haven’t done much with the site since it was launched, but I have a few new tricks planned which I hope to put out there soon.

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