Don't Underestimate the Driving Range

Ever since I made the decision on which fairway woods and irons I was ordered I hadn’t been back to the driving range. Nearly two weeks has passed until yesterday when I stopped by the Saginaw Golf Centre on my way home from work. Over the past few weeks I had been spraying everything out to the right. I’d rarely make a miss left so I knew that had to be something relatively simple in my swing causing the problems. I needed a trip to the “Doctor’s Office” where I could examine my symptoms more carefully than on the course.

I warmed up with the three pound eight iron and then picked up my pitching wedge. I started with full swings but nothing stood out as being horribly wrong. I slowed down my swing a bit and shortened it as well and then it hit me. My club face was wide open at impact, which doesn’t take rocket science to figure out, but it was the reason why that really clicked. On my back swing my right wrist was rotating so far open that it was nearly impossible to snap it back though and square up at impact.

I took a few more shots with the PW and moved on to the driver where I could really see the results. As I kept the wrist from rotating open on my backswing it felt pretty weird at first. Near the end of the bucket of balls I was crushing drives out to the 250 flag on the fly. On the last couple of shots I was even able to hit a nice little draw with my driver. I’ve never been able to play a draw!

I kept putting off trips to the range waiting for my new clubs to arrive, causing my golf game to suffer. I’ll definitely be making more of an effort to hit the practice range once or twice a week from now on. It can do wonders for your game!

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