Feeding Readers With a Feed Reader

I’ve been using FeedLounge as my feed reading service since I was accepted into their alpha (or was it beta) phase months ago. It’s a great service and I was happy with it. When they came out of alpha and beta tests I was given 2 free months of service. That went by and I couldn’t access my account anymore, so I paid the $5 for another month. Last week my month of paid subscription expired as well.

I was prepared this time though. I had already made an export of all the feeds I read and I’ve started using Rojo to track my feeds. It’s a nice service, but not as nice as FeedLounge was. But Rojo is free and provides all the functionality I need. Free is better in my book even if it’s a little bit slower. I can’t justify paying $5 a month when FeedLounge isn’t providing me with anything that I can’t get from a free feed reading service.

I’d really prefer to use Bloglines but haven’t been able to access their site from work in a year or so and our “network gurus” can’t figure out the problem. I need a service I can access from anywhere. I’d also like to be able to use Google Reader but I don’t like the interface. They make it way too hard to browse by tag/label and that’s the primary way I read my feeds (or is it “feed my reads”?). Update: Looks like Google has added a dropdown list with the labels. I’ll be trying out the Google Reader as my primary for awhile now.

What are you using and why?

One Reply to “Feeding Readers With a Feed Reader”

  1. I’ve been using Bloglines, simply because it works (for free). I have few Greasemonkey scripts that helps a bit. It’s fairly speedy, too.

    Sorry to hear you can’t use Bloglines, though.


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