Buy Golf Balls on eBay

As technology gets better, prices go up. A box of a dozen golf balls can cost anywhere from $10 to $50. You hit these balls once or twice and they’re no longer new. But guess what…the majority of us hackers will keep playing that used ball until it’s in the water or we lose it in the rough. I’d bet that over 95% of the time we’re hitting “used” golf balls on the course. So why do most people continue to buy new golf balls at some of the outrageous prices?

eBayA couple of years ago I started to buy my golf balls on eBay several dozen at a time. I always go with balls that are in mint or AAA condition because they’ll rarely have any type of scratch or imperfection on them. Most of the time they’ll have some type of logo, but in reality they’re just another used golf ball that someone smacked a couple of times and then hit it the water or lost in the rough. At half the price or less I’ll gladly buy these balls.

One particular seller I’ve had great luck with on eBay is Knet Golf, but there are many more golf balls on eBay.

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