Cable TV Upgrades

Yesterday a couple of guys from Charter Communications came by to upgrade my cable TV. I now have DTV, DVR, and HDTV. So far it’s been great and bad.

Good news first. I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived so long without some type of DVR. I’ve already recorded several movies I want to see, but never got around to renting. Having all of the movie channels will be one of my favorite things. I’ve scheduled all of my favorite shows to record each week. In fact, I might not watch live television much anymore except for sporting events. I have a thing against watching sports after they actually happen. By recording all of my shows and then watching them later I can save 15 minutes of my time for every hour of programming. Talk about convenient. Being able to pause live TV or replay something is another of my favorite features.

Another great part of the upgrade is the high definition channels. I don’t have many, but what I do have is unreal. When I do watch live TV I think I’ll be watching whatever is in HD most of the time. With my 50 inch Sony Grand WEGA the high definition pictures looks 3D. I was seriously amazed when I first turned it on. I still can’t believe it. Someone can tell you how great HDTV is, but until you see it for yourself on a quality TV, you can’t fully comprehend what you’re being told.

I have had a couple of problems though. The ticker feature on my MOXI wasn’t working but a call to Charter and a reboot of the system took care of it. Another problem is really quite big. Watching the normal digital channels is giving me a horrible picture quality. Everything looks grainy and the colors aren’t sharp. I’ve split my screen with the digital channel on one side and the same channel from an analog input on the other side to see the difference. It’s not even close. Analog cable is producing a better picture in all areas. When I called Charter he had me update the MOXI software (which took over a half hour) but it didn’t help at all. I’ll have to give them a call back later today.

5 thoughts on “Cable TV Upgrades

  1. You lazy bastard! lol I’m trying to convience my dad to get it too, but all they ever watch is The West Wing on Sunday night…which I love, but thats all they have time for cause the work 3-4 12hour shifts at the hospital.

    But we are getting NHL Center Ice…GO WINGS!!


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