Save Toby

Now here’s a way to make some easy money from a few suckers. Threaten to kill a cute little bunny named Toby. The guy running this site is going to kill Toby on June 30th, 2005 if he doesn’t get $50,000 in donations and merchandise purchases. Amazingly, he’s already took in over $14,000! After all, he’s only asking for $1 from each person. Why can’t I think of something like this? Check out the Save Toby site for all of the details. How much you want to bet he kills the rabbit no matter what?

79 Replies to “Save Toby”

  1. What is the world coming to. I can’t decide whats worse. The fact that someone is sick enough to do a site like that or the fact that it is actually working and people are buying from him.


  2. He hasn’t made $14,000. The screenshot is forged. I managed to pull some copies (before Paypal suspended his accounts). He lists 2 accounts: support@ and donations@. The one the paypal link actually goes to is about 2 weeks old and is unverified. The other account is over three *years* old (kind of odd for a bunny he’s had for a few months) and while it is verified, has just over 1/3 of the verified users the screenshot claims. When that much of the record is forged, I’ve no doubt the actual dollar amount is as well to cash in on the “hey look, other people are doing it, you should jump on the bandwagon as well” phenomena.


  3. O_o i cant believe someone would really go to that much to just get 50,000 Dollahs. it pure mutany…..poor toby. have any of you actually went to the sight? that boony rabbit is soooo adorrible…..what a shame….what a shame.


  4. Yeah i know what your talkin’ about. i have done the pullin up stuff on his paypal thing aswell……something is kindly odd………i do believe that he is just wantin the money then he’s going to kill poor toby….


  5. OmG! I never knew my site I started in Griffin College with a few buddies of mine as a joke would make me this rich! I have almost reached 16,000 USD! And not to mention people sending EUROS this is so sweet. Even though some people wouldn’t care for Toby, the merchandise is cool :p It’s great because if it wasn’t for Professor Forrester he wouldn’t of let us borrow his lab rabbit!


  6. I have gone over his recipes and it seems like 3 bunnies are needed to make this a worthwhile dish. One bunny just would not be enough. When I do bunny stew it is a lot better creamed—both heavy creme and sour creams make it a delicious dish. Enjoy. Throw in some young kittens and it’s really good.


  7. The Rabbit must go.

    Rabbit as with their cousins rats are vermin. Rabbit meat is stringy. the only thing a rabbit is really good for is lining of gloves

    This is called humor. The oke is having the biggest laugh of his life.

    everybody is up in arms about little furry bunny rabbit with a wet nose and floppy ears.

    I think it is one of the best jokes in years

    Bon apetit.


  8. You are a funckin psicotic man. You are so stupid and sily. Who you think this great stupid idea? You are my idolo. I will copy your idea but i make with a pig, a little pig. If you want you can help me with the promotion and the news.

    You are the best.


  9. whhhaaaaaaaat upppp to the world? All people are, really, craisy. How do you think that i pay by a fucking rabbit? Please, eat it. I think is really better that this rabbit will be make on the BBQ.


  10. dude..ozommm….excelent idea…. i don’t gona make a donation because a don’t care the rabit…but…you are a good bussines men

    Best regard from argentina


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