WordPress Plugins: Trackback And Pingback Moderation

These two plugins basically do the same thing, but I wanted to keep them seperate. When you turn one on, it will automatically place either all NEW trackbacks or all NEW pingbacks (depending on the plugin) into the comment moderation queue. It’s meant as a simple way to keep the spammers from getting these onto your site without you first approving them.

Note: This does not do anything for all of the old trackbacks/pingbacks that have already been added to your site.

More information on the WordPress Plugins page.

42 Replies to “WordPress Plugins: Trackback And Pingback Moderation”

  1. In your moderate-pingbacks.php plugin you have:

    add_action(‘pingback_post’, ‘moderate_trackback’);

    where you should have moderate_pingback – oops!

    That being so, the plugins nevertheless seem not to be doing anything 😦 I’m using WP 1.2 and WP 1.2.1 depending on which weblog we’re talking. Your code is indeed very simple, and it really ought to do the job, but it disnae seem to be. Any ideas?




  2. Whoops, I’ll fix that plugin. Like I said…I haven’t been able to test with 1.2 versions, although I think I might know what is happening there. I’ll try to work that out.


  3. I just remembered that in the 1.3 code they inplemented a new way of accessing the tables in the DB. I reverted back to the old way in the plugins (which still works in new WP versions). Can someone test on a 1.2 install? Thanks.


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  5. I just found the same thing. I’ve had about 4 come right through. In my tests, it was working, so I’m not sure what could be going wrong. I’ll try to resolve the issue tonight. Sorry folks. 😦


  6. Just did another quick test and the plugins are working on one of my sites that is using WordPress 1.3-alpha-3 (the original site I tested with), but not on this site, which is using WordPress 1.3-alpha-2. So it looks as if the problem many not be with the plugin, but instead with the underlying plugin architecture in WP, although I can’t be certain at this point.

    More testing later…


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