It's Goal Time

Since getting serious about my poker playing, the bankroll has been doing very well. It seems like yesterday, but it was almost two months ago that I took $130 profit from a year’s worth of playing at UB and added a $300 starting bankroll. Since then, I’ve taken the $300 out and now my bankroll is entirely composed of profits. It’s sitting at about $2,000. I figure it’s time to set some goals for the coming months.

Yes, the blogger tourney win did contribute $800 to the bankroll and I’ve had about $200 in bonuses, but my win rate at the ring games has been steady. When I was playing .5/1 I was pulling in over 5.5 BB/100 hands and at 1/2 it’s almost 5. If I could eliminate the tilt factor that creeps in here and there, I’d be cleaning up even more. I know I have plenty of things to work on, but the foundation has been set and seems to be supporting some of my weaknesses.

I plan to move up to 2/4 soon since I have no reason not to. My bankroll is well over the 300 BB required to play there. Anyone playing 2/4 notice a big difference in the level of play?

OK…on to the goal. At the end of March the lease is up on my car and I plan to buy a used SUV of some sort. I’ve had my eye on the GMC Envoy for a couple of months now, but have yet to take one for a spin. I don’t have much money stored away in a savings account. Basically enough to pay the bills each month and some extra in case of an emergency. I’d like to be able to afford a nice down payment on the vehicle and my goal is to have it all come from other people’s poker donations.

The way I figure it, I have about three and a half months to grind it out. If I can move up to 2/4 soon and then 3/6 in that time period I think I’d be able to have a nice stack of chips to hand over to the dealer (car dealer that is). I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to shoot for the bankroll to be at $7,000. I think I’ll move up to 2/4 in the next few days and then have another goal to be playing 3/6 by the 1st of the year. Who knows, I might move up to 2/4 and find out that I’ve been extremely lucky. It can’t hurt to take a shot though. If you have a vision, you can reach that final desitination. Without it, you’re wandering around blind.

If I can hit $7,000 I’ll be able to pull out $5,000 for a down payment and still have $2,000, which is enough of a bankroll to still support 3/6.

What are your poker goals for the coming months?

7 Replies to “It's Goal Time”

  1. Don’t forget to leave out some money for the tax man! Personally, I haven’t noticed a big difference between $1/2 and $2/4. If you’re crushing games at $1/2, you’ll crush them at $2/4. (try the bad beat tables… they’re Extra Special Juicy(tm)) $3/6 is where you start to move into a slightly better level of play, but you’ll still see lots of people at the tables with more money than brains.. but your pre-flop raises and check-raises tend to get a bit more respect.


  2. If I could eliminate the tilt factor that creeps in here and there, I’d be cleaning up even more.

    I just started reading Zen and the Art of Poker, I can’t say that it has really helped my game much, but then again, I have been playing almost as much as I have been reading lately. I have been picking it up and reading it when I have a spare few minutes here and there due to the format in which it is written. Just a thought…


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