I'm Shocked!

Tonights Poker Blog Tournament

133 poker players

$20+$2 entry fee

$798 for 1st place

Wow, I can’t even express how I feel right now. Amazing. I’ve never played better poker in my life. I won’t be able to sleep a wink, but I’m tired as hell from staying up last night to watch the Red Sox, so I have to try and get some sleep. Tomorrow I’ll post a complete recap of my first ever big tourney win. For now I have to thank Iggy for putting it all together. Maybe now that I won, he’ll finally pimp my blog. It was a great tournament with some of the best poker players the blogging world has to offer. I really don’t even belong in their company. Congrats to Todd who battled with me heads up at the end and finished 2nd. He started out a short stack, but was killing me and took the lead several times. He’s a much better player than I am, but I got the cards at the right times.

I’m off to bed…sweet dreams!

14 Replies to “I'm Shocked!”

  1. Doh!! Didn’t know you were a blogger, either!!! Congratulations!!!!! I can’t tell you how glad we all are that a fellow blogger won. We can’t have readers taking our titles. You’re about to be pimped like you’ve never been pimped before. Again… CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


  2. Congratulations on the win! And thanks for the kind words. Great, great, heads-up match at the end. Over 50 hands of H2H poker… It was the most pressure I’ve ever felt with all of those goofy bloggers chanting and cheering. I’m glad we could give them a good show. See ya around the neighborhood! Looks like we both have some money to play with at PokerStars now…


  3. Great job! I wasn’t able to watch the final table, but if you outlasted all of those players, then you must have played fantastic. This should probably mean more than winning a 500 person tournament…you were playing against several pros and certainly some talented players.


  4. Thanks everyone! I’ll be posting a full recap tonight when I get a chance to get the hand histories loaded into Poker Tracker. There were a lot of great hands that I can’t stop thinking about and can’t wait to share. That truly was a great heads up battle.


  5. Sounds like Nick is taking it pretty well that people were rooting against him… if he just would have made it clear that he’s a blogger and not a reader… I’m sure his support would have grown! 😉


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