MTB Crash

I love mountain biking, but “full contact sport” takes on a whole new meaning when you bite the dust. I took a few crash photos for evidence. The bike seems to have survived without any damage. If anything, it now has character!

8 Replies to “MTB Crash”

  1. lol this is what your brother was talking about last night….he laughed for about 20 minutes straight without telling me what was so funny…I can’t believe you feel off a bike:lol:but I guess everything is possible…hope that gets better for ya Nick!


  2. I didn’t “fall” off in that sense! I was flying around a curve and it was muddy so my tires were slick. I hit a root and instead of rolling over it, the tire slid along it and right out from under me. I went flying over the handlebars, hands first into the dirt, sticks, and stones. Not fun!


  3. ‘Stitches are trophies for the intense’. I saw that on a t-shirt once, I like it. Mountain biking is a lot like dirt bike riding. Now you know what I go through. Maybe you should wear some protective gear.:smile:


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