Photo Gallery Manangement

I’ve been struggling to find something to use for the photos section of the site and may have finally found it. iPAP/SPAM is what I’m currently using, but a lot of the features I need/want are not implemented yet. Since it’s a one-man show, I don’t know when those features will be implemented. On the other hand, Mark has been working on a fork of WordPress to use strictly for photos. The latest version, called Pictorialis II: Framed looks awesome! Since it’s based on WP, I won’t have to learn much new code either. Check out the demo for yourself.

6 Replies to “Photo Gallery Manangement”

  1. Pictorialis II looks even better than Pictorialis I 😎 although I keep on preferring iPAP… It’s just that I don’t want a photolog, but a photo gallery.


  2. Yes, but did you look at the demo? It’s a photo gallery, with all of

    the functionality of WordPress! I’ll have to see how easy it is to use

    with the photos, but it looks like the best thing I’ve seen so far.


  3. Of course I looked at the demo, otherwise I wouldn’t have said “…looks even better…” 😉

    But Pictorialis makes me feel like I’m browsing a photolog (I mean, you can TrackBack a photo :shock:)… I guess it’s just a matter of taste.


  4. Yes, it’s very much a matter of taste I guess. I liked a lot of the functionality of Gallery, but hated the bulky code and how it used tables for everything in the layout, not to mention the fact that it took hours to get it to validate properly as XHTML. I think iPAP/SPAM will turn out to be a great tool, but it needs a lot of work.


  5. iPAP 0.7 looks pretty good. I just took a quick look at some of the things that have changed (I was given 0.63. I can now include my own PHP in the templages which will allow me to setup my photos section like the rest of my site. The CSS has also been moved out to it’s own file which will allow me to incorporate my style switcher. I plan to upgrade to this new version in the the next few days. I’ll give the scoop when I do.


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