If Things Look Funny…

Over the next week I’ll be making a lot more tweaks to the design of the site. If you notice anything that looks funny or out of place, leave a comment so I can check it out. Currently I’m using Firefox and IE 6 for testing, so if you are using another browser let me know how the site looks.

Update: Header images for the GanGreen the BluePrint styles are up!

7 Replies to “If Things Look Funny…”

  1. Hey Nick,

    I just found your blog, so I’m not certain if you’ve made any changes yet. I’m on IE6, so you’re probably seeing what I’m seeing. But, if I see anything that sparks a comment, I’ll send it on through.



  2. It still looks like your RSS 2.0 feed link is broken. Giving a server error 500 message.

    Might want to check your .htaccess and make sure its pointing to the right .php file for the feed.


  3. The window on the right disappered when I clicked on the “Blog” panel. At least I thought it did. I realised once I moved to comment that it had actually moved to the bottom of the browser. I’m running IE6 @ 1280X1024. Must be too big to hang out there.


  4. Thanks guys! I’ve removed the links to RSS feeds. I’ve been debating this for awhile anyways and since the wp-feed file isn’t working, now is a good time.

    The window problem was related to the fact that one of the recent comments was overlapping the width allowed for it (fixed now).


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