BIG Purchase!

Sony Grand WegaI just made the purchase of my life! I bought a 50″ Grand WEGA LCD rear projection TV (KF-50WE610).

Joel over at ABC Warehouse hooked me up with some sweet deals. I got the TV for $2870, which is $430 cheaper than the price at Circuit City, Best Buy, and Sony. I also bought the 5 year extended warranty on it, because on such a big purchase it’s a must. The bulbs in this type of TV usually go out after 4 or 5 years and some people have experienced more frequent bulb changes. Each new bulb is $200+ and that doesn’t even count the cost to have it installed. If I have the bulb replaced once during the warranty period, I’ve paid for the service plan. If after 5 years I haven’t used the extended warranty at all, I can get half of it back. I also purchased the stand that you see in the picture, which is made specifically for this TV. I got $50 off of the stand and Joel also threw in an extra $50 gift card. I was approved for Sony credit so I have no payments and no interest until June of 2005. This deal is so good you can’t beat it with a stick!

Over the past few days I’ve done a lot of research on TVs. When it came down to it I had it limited down to this one and the Samsung 50″ DLP. I decided to go with the Sony because the Samsung has a known problem that they call the “rainbow effect”. What this problem does is display some weird colors once in awhile and the TV also has some extra green tint to a lot of colors. I just couldn’t live with that. I viewed both TVs side by side at Circuit City and they both have an awesome picture. The Sony also happens to be $200 cheaper, which helped in my decision.

Some of the main factors in my decision for a TV were that I wanted an HD-ready, 40+ inch, widescreen TV. I had thought about a regular projection TV, but decided to spend the extra money on the higher end (DLP or LCD) because they have a much nicer picture and are much smaller in size and weight for the same size screens. With a regular projection TV you need 3 or 4 people to move the damn thing because they weight like two or three hundred pounds. I’ll easily be able to move my 82 pound TV with two people. My current Mitsubishi is nearly 3 feet deep, which doesn’t allow a lot of options for moving the TV around in a room. The new Sony is less than half that deep at 17 3/4″.

I was simply going to wait to pick up the TV until I was moved into my new place, but by the time I got home from the store I had decided I just couldn’t do that. I planned on surprising Mom and Dad with my old TV when they came down at the end of April to move my sister Heather back home. It didn’t take long before I was on the phone with Dad to check out his plans for the weekend. He is going to come down on Saturday after work to watch some basketball on the new TV and then take my old 50″ Mitsubishi home for the family. It will go nice in their living room. Dad will love it for sports, Mom for her nightly TV shows, and I’m sure Isaac will pull his DVD player or PS2 out to the living room once in awhile.

I think I might have to see which friend with a truck is available to help me pick up the TV and stand tomorrow. I need to have it ready for the Duke game!

7 Replies to “BIG Purchase!”

  1. Haha! He kept telling me that I owed him a case of beer because of the deal he worked up for me. I was thinking, “Yeah right, I owe this guy beer because he’s doing his job?!?!”


  2. :badgrin:So are you planning on having Joel over to celebrate? Just wondering if he is your new best friend since you refer to him so affectionately.


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