2004 Brings Change

I’ve never been the type to come up with New Year’s resolutions, but this year is different. I’ve had one of those gut feelings lately about my future, and I believe that 2004 is going to be a year of some big changes in my life.

Because of this, I’ve decided to set some goals:

  • Get a new job in the area of programming.
  • Cut down on my sarcasm.
  • Try to relate to others more…walk in their shoes.
  • Open up. Everyone knows that I’m shy. It’s just how I’ve always been, even thought I don’t like it. I want to try to get away from that.
  • Get into shape (physically) and stay fit.
  • Stop drinking pop. I had done it for a few months earlier in the year, so I know that it can be done.

I always get a lot of ideas, which I go with for a month or two, but then my desire usually fades. I need some type of reminder to keep me motivated, so that is why I’ve created this list. Wish me luck!

9 Replies to “2004 Brings Change”

  1. I think u got a good list of goals bro, but the on i hope for most is that you’ll open up. We’ve never really gotten into any big talks about anything and i’ve always been afraid to ask you anything cuz i realize i don’t really know you like i should, u being my brother and all. U know i’m not like you, i’m far from being shy like you, and if you ever need to talk about anything, i’m always here for ya bro…no matter what


  2. Wow…it’s gettin deep up in here…hehehe…no, that’s cool. The whole deal with the sarcasm, why?! Other than that pretty good goals..


  3. hahaha could the comment about opening up more be somewhat put into your mind more because of a certain someones mission?…I’m glad you got this list of things to do and I am certain that if you really want to do these things and feel they will improve the person you are then you can do whatever you desire…keep me updated on the “opening up” part!…hope to hear from you soon…Bird


  4. Britt,

    I almost put your name next to that one. I couldn’t think of a better choice of words for it, so I used yours.


    I still love my sarcasm, but sometimes I use it a little too much.


  5. first, i have to say, i like what you’ve done to the website…great work! best of luck with the resolutions/goals, and if you need any help staying on track, i know two wonderful roommates who will be more than willing to help you out.:lol: anyway, i’m impressed with this new side of you, i guess you’re not such a bad roommate after all, haha, just kidding. i’ll miss not living with you and heather next year πŸ˜‰ best of luck!


  6. Thanks Kate!

    A few updates on how things are going:

    I’ve made a good start on opening up, haven’t had any pop since New Year’s Eve, and I’ve ran almost everyday since Tuesday. At work I’ve been working at relating to others, since it’s a good place to get some practice with all the people that don’t know what they are doing on computers. I may have some more GREAT news in the next few weeks…stay tuned.


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