2nd Place

Just had my highest finish in an online poker tournament. Made the final table for the first time and ended up placing 2nd out of 261 people. The top 20 finishers in the tournament are automatically entered into a tournament on Saturday (along with 20 from 9 other qualifiers to make a total of 200 entrants. The winner will receive 2 tickets to the Super Bowl and $2,500 I think, and there is prize money for the top 30 finishers.

I can’t even remember how many times I had KK in the whole. I got A LOT of good hands!

Two hands though that really stand out were at the beginning of the tournament. I had KK in the whole and the flop came down 2T9, next card was also a 9 and I folded. I could have lost my ass if I played that out (or I could have won). The other hand I raised with AQ and got re-raised pre-flop. To call I would have almost been all-in pre-flop, so I folded that one too. If I would have played both of those hands, my gut tells me that I would have been out of the tournament on one of them! Gutsy decisions, but they paid off!! 😉

2 Replies to “2nd Place”

  1. Hey Nicholas…just noticing you were up too…can’t sleep…you must kill my brother in this little “poker tournament” of yours. He is driving me nuts talking about it and he thinks he’s awesome. He even showed me how to play Texas Hold ‘Em last night…a little obsessed to say the least! Hope you had a fabulous turkey day! See you tonight! Woo hoo!


  2. Hey Nick, i really think this Lindsay Marie is out of her mind, her little brother is not thinking he’s awesome and expects to loose if he does participate. And also, she wanted to learn how to play so she could play you. Just a little needed information.

    ummm……Woo Woo


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