Windy Snap


More crazy weather, with high winds overnight. Looks like one of these dead trees snapped and started a little chain reaction. I’m lucky they didn’t come towards the house! Part of me hopes they fall while the ground is frozen though.


The drifting during yesterday’s winter storm really stacked up on my back patio. Here’s the entire day in 30 seconds. Pretty cool that you can download time-lapses from your Nest/Dropcam recordings.

Odd Winter

I’ve been living in Saginaw for almost 20 years, since I started college in 1998. This is the weirdest winter I can remember. It’s 60° outside on February 20th. All of the snow is gone for the 3rd time this winter. There was a lot to melt after storms dumped on us over the last couple of weeks.


Days Of December

The last month of the year is full of events for me. Here in Michigan, we usually get snow staying on the ground at some point during the month and winter officially begins on the 22nd. Have I ever mentioned that I hate winter? 65-70 degrees outside is the ideal temperature for me. Here in Michigan we are rarely above 30 or 40 during the winter months.

Since I work at a University, December also brings the end of the semester and a little bit of a lag in work as all the students leave campus for the holidays. We also get a nice little paid vacation as the school completely closes down about a week and a half. This year we are closed starting on the 24th and open again on the 5th. So that gives me 8 weekdays off and 2 full weekends to enjoy my freedom…and still get paid for it! 🙂

Does anyone know what my 2 favorite days in December are? The 24th and the 26th. Christmas Eve is a favorite in my book because that is the day my family opens all of our gifts. I LOVE GETTING PRESENTS!! I’ve been known as a little big snooper for my presents over the holidays. I don’t know where these rumors came from though…it’s not my fault if people don’t wrap the gifts right away or hide them in a good place. It’s almost like they are asking for me to find them. The 26th is of course my birthday. I’m going to be a whopping 24 this year–it’s hard to keep track of how old I am these days. And before you even ask…YES, I do get screwed on presents because people like to combine the two days. “Nick, here is your Christmas AND Birthday present.” I hear it all the time. Parents…do not try to conceive a child from mid March up through early April. Your child will be screwed for life! Ok…maybe not, but they will be dissappointed in their present count during Christmas and their birthday.

I generally like to go shopping, but December is an exception. The stores are completely out of hand and people seriously go nuts over Christmas. If people would just learn to settle down and not panic, it would be better for everyone. I’ve heard of punches being through, people being pushed, and F-bombs flying through the are because someone grabbed the last “must have” toy off the shelf. Some of these people should be forced to sit home on their computer and do all of their shopping on eBay. Not only are the stores crazy, but the shopping traffic is worse. Especially here in Saginaw where every store and restaurant that you would want to visit is across the street from the mall. I refuse to go out during the day on weekends (unless I really need to).

Who really waits until Christmas Eve to do their shopping? I can’t believe there are actually people that do this. As if the month isn’t stressful enough with traveling to visit friends/relatives, buying gifts for everyone, and worrying about the weather. Seriously…why would anyone wait until the last minutes to buy a gift for the most anticipated gift giving day of the year? I just don’t understand. If someone out there does this, please leave a comment and explain why.

This is the first year (since I’ve been old enough to ask for things) that I haven’t made a list. I guess I’m getting older.

Decmeber also brings New Year’s Eve and one of the greatest party nights of the year. Everyone gets trashed and has a blast. It is always a night to look forward to.

I hope everyone has a great month!

1st Snowfall

Yesterday marked the first snowfall (at least in Saginaw), and I’ve decided that I’m not ready for it to snow yet. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ll be ready all winter. When I’m ready, I’ll let Mother Nature know. The thought of waking up a few minutes earlier than normal before work, so that I can go out in the cold to scrape/brush off my car, is not something I like to think about.

The snow and ice also increases the risk of driving my car each day. For some reason, people forget how to drive when there is snow/ice on the ground. Most winter driving falls into two categories. You’ll have Grandma Jones driving 20 when the roads are clear, but she can see snow in the ditch or on the shoulder. Why does she have a license in the first place? On the other hand, you’ll be driving through a white-out and some jackass with an SUV will pass you going 60 in a 45 on a two lane road. Does that SUV come with x-ray vision or something? I cant’ see if there are cars coming, so how in the hell can he when he’s behind me? Maybe everyone just needs to get out of my way on the roads. This is especially true during the winter, when their lack of driving skills may affect my ability to live another day. I’ll even volunteer to put a flashing light on my car or something to let everyone know that I’m coming.

Summer and golf season can’t come soon enough!