Take My Wisdom, Set Me Free

Tomorrow morning at 8 am I’m going in to get 3 of my wisdom teeth extracted/pulled/yanked/drilled/uprooted. It’s not something I’m exactly looking forward to given the history of my teeth and gums, but I’ve needed it done for a few years now. They’re in the way, but also out of the way because I can’t get get much of a toothbrush on them.

They’re “letting” me keep the lower right one where it is. I guess I use it. My lower jaw is larger than my upper (underbite) so I do have more room down there and this is actually the one one of the four that I can get a good cleaning on.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling good in a day or two, but if my dental history is any indication, this will not be the case. I talked my Mom into making a trip down to drive me to/from the office and take care of me for a day or so. She already had plans to make egg drop soup and chicken soup. I love my Mom!

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