The drifting during yesterday’s winter storm really stacked up on my back patio. Here’s the entire day in 30 seconds. Pretty cool that you can download time-lapses from your Nest/Dropcam recordings.

April 14, 2018 Storm in Saginaw, Michigan

On Thursday it was 64° when I ran outside. Then we had a winter storm come through the weekend.


Since it’s rare to get a storm this late in the year, I thought it would be neat to document it.

My makeshift ruler and stand was a complete failure; it blew over, spun around, and wasn’t readable. I’m happy with the rest of the project though. I really like the worms crawling around, seeing the water freeze, and how the lines of the bricks come through.

I used a Raspberry Pi Zero W and the camera module.

In order to get images for the time-lapse I added cron job that ran a bash script every minute, which in turn called raspistill to capture a photo. It was very easy to set up. Here is the bash script.


DATE=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S")

raspistill -vf -hf -o /home/pi/time-lapse/images/$DATE.jpg

This is the line I added to my crontab.

* * * * * /home/pi/time-lapse/capture.sh

Before transferring all of the images to my Mac, I compressed the images folder.

tar -czvf images.tar.gz images

Then, from my Mac I could grab them by doing a secure copy.

scp pi@pi.local:/home/pi/time-lapse/images.tar.gz images.tar.gz

In order to stitch everything together, I imported the images into iMovie, changed the crop style to fill, and set a 0.01 second duration.

Quickie: 02/06/2008 8:43:03pm

Wow do we have the snow! No end in sight until after midnight. Probably 8-10 inches so far. Accumulations up to 15 inches in some areas for this storm. I don’t see SVSU being open tomorrow.

Let There Be Light

Last night a 10 minute storm hit Saginaw and I was without power for 10 hours! Unreal. In today’s day of technology, you’d think the power companies would have their grids figured out so that areas aren’t without electricity for such a long period of time. I can’t imagine my life without technology and the electricity needed for it. It was one boring night to say the least. What did people do for entertainment 200 years ago?

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