Mtn Dew Maui Burst

The can looks fun, that’s for sure. You get some familiarity with the original Mountain Dew flavor, spiked with some pineapple. I’d drink it again.

MtDewVirus Score: 6.5/10

Mtn Dew Liberty Brew


The color, which you can’t appreciate from this photo, is awesome. That’s where the awesome ends though. “50 flavors in one” is a terrible idea or maybe they added too much of the Ohio flavor. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Liberty Brew gets 3/10.

Mountain Dew Tropical Smash

Whenever I see a new flavor of Mountain Dew, I like to try it. There are very few I ever buy again. This is will definitely not be a repeat purchase. Can’t beat the original.

Now I’m Thirsty


via xkcd: Soda Sugar Comparisons

Over the last couple of years, CrossFit has joined in the fight against Big Soda (search for “soda” in the Journal for many other articles), trying to get better warning labels and educate people about the effects of sugar on our bodies.

My love for pop (especially Mountain Dew) is no secret. I also know I shouldn’t be drinking it. Sooner or later the sugar is going to catch up to me. But, damn, it’s so yummy; I can’t resist!

Genuine & Dee-licious

This is why I don’t buy pop for the house. In less than 24 hours I finished off 1/4 of the case. I can’t stop myself because it’s so Dee-licious! Areas of the country where you can’t get Faygo are really missing out.

Mountain of Dew

I never buy it for my house, because I have no self control and can’t stop drinking it. Mom always has a supply when I visit though.