Football or Soccer or Football? Who Cares!

As an American I’m sick of seeing this stupid image passed around every few months.

Here’s an image (source) of a player with his hands on the ball in soccer.

Throwing a soccer ball

Here’s an image (source) of a football being kicked.

Kicking a football

Soccer fans from around of the world, it’s time to get over it. In the United States, we call your version of football by the name soccer and it’s not going to change. Enjoy your sport, call it what you want, and move on.

I Watched the 2006 World Cup Final

I’ll admit I watched the final game of the 2006 World Cup. I was rooting for France to win, but Italy prevailed in the shootout after two scoreless overtime periods. I only missed a minute here and there throughout the entire game as I ran to another room or did a quick channel change. At […]