The New MtDewVirus

Here it is. The new and hopefully improved

I started on this design over a year ago and hadn’t touched it in over a year until Friday night. I put a lot of hours into it over the weekend and a few more tonight fixing errors after updating the live site. Setting up a test environment locally is great, but it’s hard to test for everything.

As of right now, most things should be working. If something looks out of place or funky, leave a comment on this post.

I plan to write up some posts on how I did a few things around the site and to point out some things. If you’d like to know how I implemented a particular feature, ask in the comments.

What do you think of the new layout and design?

Getting Booted from DreamHost

Just received this email from DreamHost:

I’m writing to regretfully inform you that we have decided to end our

business relationship with you.

One of the main reasons is that your site ‘’ is pretty much

100% 24 hours a day getting hit with comment spam and consuming vast

amounts of resources on our servers. Attempts have been made to mitigate

and stop the attacks, but they are futile. At this point, we really

can’t justify expending any more resources with this issue, so we’ve

decided it is in the best interests of all parties involved that we

terminate the relationship.

Per the “Termination” section of our terms of service available at, we are hereby giving you a 30 day

notice before your account is closed, so you can make arrangements for

hosting elsewhere and get your files and databases moved.

DreamHost Quoted

So…I need a new web host. Any suggestions? The spam isn’t getting through to my site, but it’s obviously attacking the server where I’m hosted. This is most likely going to follow me wherever I go, so I may have to re-evaluate what I want to do with some of my blogs.

Update: Yesterday DreamHost changed their mind and took back the 30 day notice. They are going to try and come up with something to block the attacks before they hit Apache.

Spammers Attack

Over the past week I’ve had a problem with spammers hitting my comment form hardcore both here and at 2 Hole Cards so hard it was crashing the web host server. They had to disable the sites and it looks like the spammers have moved along. Just to help out for future attacks, I’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest testing version of WordPress and added Spam Karma 2.3 as a new plugin.

First Post of 2007

Wow, three months without a single post on the blog. That kind of sucks. I’ve had plenty of material to write about. Looking back through my calendar, here are a few highlights…

  • January 5 — Bought a house.
  • January 7-12 — Attended MacWorld in San Francisco, CA.
  • Rest of January — Cleaning, removing wallpaper, painting, and moving.
  • January 23 — Started a new job at SVSU as Microlab Technology Specialist.
  • February 11-17 — Trip to Phoenix, AZ for Altiris training and lots of golf.
  • March 14 — Saw the movie 300 in IMAX, which was AMAZING!
  • Marach 17 — Bought a road bike.
  • March 25 — Walked 18 holes here in Saginaw, MI. Had never before played MI golf in March.

January was a crazy month for me and February was pretty busy as well getting set in the new job. I love the house I bought and went with a pretty big one as a first time home owner. Go big or go home right? The new job is excellent. I don’t have to deal with the phones and stress of working at a Help Desk anymore. I’m kind of on my own which is a new challenge and very rewarding.

I’ve been working out like a mad man for the most part and really enjoying it. I feel so much better, both mentally and physically, when I workout daily. I want to “attempt” a couple of triathlons this summer, which I think will be an amazing experience and quite the accomplishment.

I still have that new design stashed away for MDV. Once I get my taxes done and a few other things done around the house I’ll try to pull it back out and get it finished because this site really needs a face lift.

The Big Secret

Over the past couple of months I had mentioned a big secret I was planning to let out of the bag. Well, the announcement is nearly a month after the deal was completed, but it’s out. I sold The whole deal was really stressing me out towards the end and I can now say that I hate dealing with lawyers. Head over to the poker blog for more details.