The Draw of Estate Sales

Going to estate sales has quickly become a favorite weekend activity. It’s crazy to think someone’s entire life is on display for anyone to pick through. Some people were collectors, DIYers, or hoarders. Others had few possessions. Often, each room has some kind of theme and organization, which may have only made sense to the owner. I also wonder how many items were moved around by the people who set up the sale.┬áSo many thoughts run through my mind as I move through a house.

I enjoy finding deals on things I can restore, repurpose, or just catch my eye. Today I picked up a few things I’ll definitely use around the shop. The find of the day was a cool foot pedal. It’s old so the wire is crumbling and there isn’t a ground connection so I’ll rewire it with a new outlet and plug. I wonder if it’ll work with my bench grinder or scroll saw.

The Big Secret

Over the past couple of months I had mentioned a big secret I was planning to let out of the bag. Well, the announcement is nearly a month after the deal was completed, but it’s out. I sold The whole deal was really stressing me out towards the end and I can now say that I hate dealing with lawyers. Head over to the poker blog for more details.